How to: Turn your dental work into a great vacation !


Wouldn´t it be great if you could look forward of your next trip to the dentist and feel excited about it?

Your dental work doesn´t have to be an unpleasant experience.  No matter how painless the procedure is or how good a surgeon´s hands are, a trip to the dentist causes anxiety, stress and discomfort.  These feelings make some people postpone important procedures and then the problem just gets worse.  Turning your next appointment into time to relax and explore a new destination can put your mind at ease and make your trip to the dentist stress free.  Have you ever thought of turning your dental work into a vacation?

1)    Hop on a Flight

If you live in Houston, for example, you can come to El Salvador in less time than it takes you to drive to Dallas, and if you live in Miami it´ll take you half as it would to drive to Orlando.  American Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Taca all together provide direct flights to San Salvador from Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Orlando and Atlanta, the shortest flight lasting a mere two and a half hours long.  You can subscribe to an RSS feed with special deals to San Salvador by clicking here.

No need to worry about currency exchange rates in El Salvador, this coutry has been dollarized since 2001.

2)    Book an Appointment

Lorenzana & Dental Associates can take care of your dental implants, crown and bridge work, sinus lift, and your cosmetic dentistry needs.  All you need to do to book an appointment is to call our toll free number, 1-800-783-0198, or email us at

Our bilingual staff will help you book you flights and your hotel and provide you with a list of recommendations of destinations you can explore during your stay.

3)    Pick a Destination

El Salvador is often called “el pulgarcito de américa” or America´s little thumb since it is the smallest country in Central America.  What it lacks in size it makes up for nearby destinations.

From the capital, San Salvador there are many beautiful destinations less than an hour away.  For example, from Lorenzana & Dental Associates it´ll take you 30 minutes to San Salvador´s Volcano, Lake Ilopango, the surfing beaches at La Libertad, and in less than an hour arrive at the colonial city of Suchitoto.  That is the beauty of El Salvador, enjoy the mountain air, and take in some sun and some history all on the same trip.  Your dental work seems a bit more attractive now, doesn´t it?

4)    Spread the Joy

Help your friends turn their next trip to the dentist into a vacation by sharing your experience with us on Facebook or our blog.

What´s keeping you?


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    I would like information on the cost of dental work – i.e. implants, fillings, crowns, bridgework?
    I am especially interested in implants.

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    I am a flight attendant and my friend Mary Nee recommended Dr.Lorenzana. I need to get approximately 4 dental implants on the lower left side of my mouth and 6 vaneers on the front lower teeth. I have just finished (1 year) of a sinus lift and bone graft and implants in the upper right. Can you give me an approximate cost.

    Unfortunately, AA will discontinue their flight to SAL the latter part of August, but I could probably find an alternate way to get there.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Linda Burns

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